Kart Warehouse USA

To better serve our kart dealers and kart shops, www.KartWarehouseUSA.com is now www.GoKartWholesale.com and available to dealers only.

Kart Warehouse USA was formed in 1999 as an extension of John's Kart Shop based in the Chicago area.

John's Kart Shop was started in 1970 by John Kozubik in Chicago IL. John grew the business from a small part-time evenings only, to a full-time thriving business. Over the next 40 years, he grew the kart shop and even designed and manufactured his own line of kart chassis.

John eventually moved to the Bristol, TN area in 1998 and opened Kart Warehouse USA. He ran both Kart Warehouse USA and John's Kart Shop for a number of years before closing down his Chicago operation and focusing solely on Kart Warehouse USA.

Kart Warehouse USA is focused on providing wholesale go kart parts for kart dealers on the East Coast and in the MidWest and our new website www.GoKartWholesale.com is designed to make dealer ordering even easier.

Our goal at Kart Warehouse USA is to provide excellent customer service through fast shipping, high quality components, competitive pricing, and attention to detail. We believe that focusing on these four areas will allow our dealers to grow the sport of karting and enjoy racing with friends and family. We work together with International Karting Products to achieve our goal of servicing our customers.