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The kart racing suits and other apparel we offer in our store are stylish, durable and will keep you safe no matter what happens on the track. Available in a number of different colors and styles, go kart racing gloves will absorb the vibrations that often cause discomfort for drivers while racing, providing the padding and grip necessary to command control of your kart. Go kart racing shoes are also an excellent piece of gear to invest in, as they keep your feet protected while maintaining superior athletic performance. Safety is always a priority when go karting, and with our racewear, you will no longer have to worry about it.

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Go Kart Racing Suits

Racing suits are designed primarily to increase driver safety while racing, but they also provide some other benefits as well. They are aerodynamic to improve driver performance during races and also look cool, making them a must for any go karting enthusiast. We offer suits in a variety of colors and sizes, so browse our selection today and find the perfect one for you!

Our store is run by go kart enthusiasts just like you, and they have been working on go karts for over 50 years. We are a trusted source for go kart parts, so make sure you browse our selection today!