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Racing Go Kart Wheels & Shifter Kart Wheels

At Kart Warehouse USA, we understand how important it is to have high performing wheels that are able to grip the road, and that’s why we offer high quality racing go kart wheels that satisfy this need. Our go kart wheels come in all kinds of sizes, and you are able to buy front wheels, rear wheels or opt for a complete set. Our wheel parts also include shifter kart wheels, so you are sure to find the perfect wheel parts for you in our inventory.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Wheel Parts

If you’re looking for high quality wheel parts such as go kart wheel bearings or hubs and screws, Kart Warehouse USA is the place for you. Keep your kart performing to the best of its ability by making sure its wheels are the highest quality they can be. Shop with us today!

Our store is run by experienced go kart enthusiasts who have more than 50 years of karting experience. We are the most trusted source for all go kart parts and accessories, so be sure and browse our selection today for the very best parts on the market.