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NOX Go Kart Parts

Here at Kart Warehouse USA, we want to help make your kart reach its full potential, and that requires installing the proper equipment. You’ll find the performance parts you need here. We offer racing kart air filter, go kart NOX air box, noise filter and pipe products. The noise boxes and pipes come in varying colors and sizes to meet your desires and needs.

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NOX Go Kart Air Filter

Replacing the air filter on your go kart is extremely important. It’s not something you can skimp on. As an air filter becomes dirty, the capacity for it to filter the air going into the engine is reduced. Less air flow means less power, and less power is not something you’re looking for when racing. A clean air filter results in increased engine life and overall improved engine performance. This will result in better acceleration and power. Improve your kart’s performance by getting a quality NOX air filter cartridge from Kart Warehouse!